SADDLE PADS SADDLE PADS 59 58 CASHELCOMPANY.COM ENJOY THE RIDE Cashel®TrailPad Made for the ranch or trail, the Cashel® Trail Pad is made with orthopedic grade blended wool with a felt bottom. The contoured shape fits to your horse’s back right away with a wither hole for comfort. Use it by itself or add a navajo liner underneath for added support and extended life. Size: 31” x 34”, 1” thick SA-CTP $174.99 PadPal Made of 100% cotton quilted brushed denim, this durable pad protector goes under your other pads to protect them from sweat and the wear and tear of repeated washings. Contoured at the withers for a better fit. Washable. Black. Sizes: Large (32” x 32”), X-Large (34” x 34”) PP-BLA-WE $32.99 BabySaddlePad Made of durable cotton twill with 1” diamond quilt. Pack of three. White. EGP-UL-WH/WH $49.99 SwaybackCushionPad With a 1-1/2” center that tapers to 3/4” in the front and back, the Cashel® Swayback Cushion Pad helps keep the saddle from riding on the horse’s shoulder and loin by filling in the hollow area on the back of a swayback horse. Western Sizes: Medium (28” x 28”), Large (30” x 30”), X-Large (32” x 32”) Shaped Size: 28” x 30” English Size: 23” x 26” SWYW-.75-1.5 WESTERN $109.99 SWYG-.75-1.5 SHAPED $109.99 SWYE-.75-1.5 ENGLISH $89.99 WoolTopWesternSwayback 100% hand woven wool blanket encases the Western Swayback Cushion Pad, making it an all-in-one pad for your swayback horse. Colors: Black, Tan Sizes: 32” x 34”, 34” x 36” SWYW-32 32” X 34” $199.99 SWYW-34 34” X 36” $199.99 WESTERN SHAPED ENGLISH BLACK 1-1/2” 3/4” TAN The Swayback Pad has a 1-1/2” center and tapers to 3/4” in the front and back.