HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES HORSE & DOG ACCESSORIES 53 52 CASHELCOMPANY.COM ENJOY THE RIDE NEW NEW NEW C B A LeatherHalter The Leather Halter imparts traditional style and classic, timeless appeal. It is crafted with soft, supple 1” Hermann Oak harness leather. Strong stainless steel buckles will not rust. A. HALTERBH $89.99 MuleTapeHalterwithLead Constructed from ultra strong, low stretch, flexible mule tape used for heavy lifting applications. Resistant to damage from moisture and UV rays. Will not stiffen or become brittle over time. White. B. HALTERMT $47.99 F G DogCollars For the best friend that deserves something extra special. Choose from five unique tooling and hardware combinations to suit your pet’s personality. Buckle Styles: Floral, Floral Rose, Acorn Leaf, Basket Sizes: Small (16”), Medium (18”), Large (21”), X-Large (23”), XX-Large (25”) H. SA-DC5 HEART $21.99 I. SA-DC4 FLORAL $21.99 J. SA-DCGR-NT GUNS/ROSES $32.99 K. SA-DC6 SCROLL $21.99 L. SA-DC7 STAR $21.99 M. SA-DCGR-CH GUNS/ROSES $32.99 G F H I J L K M TailBag Superior quality and durability, the Tail Bag prevents dirt, manure, and chewing foals from damaging your horse’s tail. Adjustable elastic top and sturdy hook-and-loop closure make it easy to put on and keeps it in place. Size: 26” (including fringe) Colors: Black, Navy, Red, Green, Burgundy F. TB $10.99 TailShield This neoprene tail wrap fits securely and comfortably to protect the horse’s tailhead from rubbing and breakage. Also designed to use in live cover and artificial insemination breeding situations by helping to keep the tail area clear and clean. Not recommended for use more than four to five hours. Colors: Black, Royal, Red, Green, Purple Size: 12” x 12” G. TS $19.99 BLACK BLACK RED RED ROYAL NAVY GREEN GREEN BURGUNDY PURPLE C D E FoamEarPlugs Our soft, comforting Cashel® foam is distinctively molded to fit safely in your horse’s ears. These cushion ear plugs are easy to insert and help comfort your horse by muffling the scary noises of clipping, bathing, trailering, trail riding, and showing. Sizes: Sm, Med, Lg, X-Lg C. EPN NO STRING $13.99 D. EP W/ STRING $13.99 SheepskinEarPlugs Made of 100% sheep wool with a soft foam core to maximize muffling of sound. Comfortable feel that stays in place. Connected with a 28” cord. Size: Medium E. EP-SS-M $21.99