BARN ACCESSORIES BARN ACCESSORIES 43 42 CASHELCOMPANY.COM ENJOY THE RIDE NEW NEW NEW BEST SELLER BEST SELLER B FeedRite® Bag Elastic strap retracts as grain is eaten, so none is wasted. Stops fighting between horses at feeding time and ensures all horses get their ration. Helps train hard to catch horses. Sturdy, breathable coated mesh with adjustable strap and nametag. Sizes: Mini, Pony, Horse, Draft Colors: Black, Blue, Pink, Orange A. FRB $22.99 CollapsibleWaterPail Compacts easily for simple, convenient storage. Made of a tough waterproof material. Keep one handy to water animals anytime, anywhere. Sizes: Medium (9-1/2” x 8”); Large (12” x 12”) B. CWP-M MEDIUM $17.99 CWP-L LARGE $19.99 A BLACK PINK BLUE ORANGE ManureForkHead Constructed of a virtually indestructible composite material that resists breakage and stands up to all sorts of abuse. Use with the Manure Fork Handle. Size: 18” E. MF-18-BLA $13.99 ManureForkHandle Sturdy, lightweight aluminum handle with new, easier grip, is specifically designed to be used with our Manure Fork Head. Two sections snap together for easy storage and transporting. 50” long. D. MFH $13.99 GrazingMuzzleHalter Horses can enjoy the pasture, drink freely, and get exercise without overeating. Adjustable design fits over the poll and under the chin. Never leave a grazing muzzle on for extended periods of time without consulting your veterinarian. Black. Sizes: Mini, Pony, Horse C. GMH $38.99 D E two-piece handle for easy storage and transport virtually indestructible head C