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Light on weight and heavy on quality. Soft, supple leather and a streamlined design makes this the ultimate trail saddle. Stirrup fe ... READ MORE


on Monday, December 17, 2018
Love this saddle. It is very comfortable for both horse and rider and is one of the lightest Western saddles I've seen at only 24 Lbs. It runs about a 1/2 inch small due to the extra padding so I went with the 16" instead of the 15". It is a beautiful looking saddle as well and high quality.
on Friday, December 14, 2018
I was wanting a new saddle for my QH and really liked the style of Clinton Anderson's custom saddles made by Martin Saddlery. They seemed a bit high prices however so I started doing some research. I found out Martin also makes this Cashel saddle with the same Axis tree. I believe it is even better looking than CA's saddle. I ordered one and let me tell you it is an awesome saddle. It is as comfortable as it is beautiful and feels great. My horses have high withers and the medium tree fits them both perfectly. The extra seat padding feels good but made it a bit smaller so I ordered the 16" instead of my standard 15". Love this saddle!
on Tuesday, December 11, 2018
Both of my horses have high withers so I purchased the regular size tree in a 16" since I was told the extra padding calls for an additional 1/2 inch in size and I usually ride on a 15 to 15.5 inch. This saddle fit PERFECTLY on both horses and is extremely comfortable for both horse and rider. The shorter rounded skirt makes for better comfort and movement for the horses hind quarters and is light weight compared to other western saddles at only 24.5 lbs. I own both Aussie and Western saddles and love that this new Cashel saddle seems to be a cross of both, much like Clinton Anderson's saddle design. It's a beautiful work of art and is priced extrememly well for the qualitiy Martin makes.
on Thursday, February 1, 2018
We now have 2 of the wide tree, rough out trail saddles & LOVE them. Both horses are very wide, and more flat backed & these saddles fit great. They are very comfortable for us on long rides also. I do prefer the roughout over all smooth though. Possibly looking to buy another for the other wide backed horse. I do love that this wide tree is considerably wider than other "wide" saddles.
on Thursday, March 16, 2017
15inch Wide Cashel Trail Saddle. I am loving this saddle more and more everyday. It is very versatile, and fits many of my broad backed horses. I would not recommend it for a horse with alot of curve but for the broad flatter/ gently curved back it fits very well. I have used this on a quarter horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, and a Bashkir Curly pony. It is great a training saddle because it is so versatile. The wide is much wider than most "wide" labeled horses. I would imagine the standard is also pretty wide, allowing for a lot of shoulder movement. It is a light weight, durable saddle. I changed out the synthetic latigo, and oiled and turned the fenders. It works semi well for a mildly down hill built horse, but too much down hill and I don't think it would be a good saddle choice. I am impressed with the quality and comfort of this saddle. Seat size felt like it ran maybe a half inch small, I would go larger next time. I am planning to buy another of these in the future.
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