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on Sunday, August 30, 2099
Tony, I wanted to let you know how the swayback pad worked for us this weekend. We spent three days at Loretta Lynn's Ranch in Hurricane Mills TN. I ponied my daughters old gelding through some VERY hilly country. I tried to alternate sides as we went as not to be leaning one way too long. "Hank" was extremely leg weary at the end of each ride...Not at all sore in her back!!! This would not have been possible without your pad!!! I LOVE IT!!! No heat, no rubbing, no hair loss!!! The only thing I find that is not perfect about this pad is that it will compress on the saddle stand. I now store it on top when not in use. We are using the wool covered pad on a 24 year old speed pony with a long low back. Under a Circle Y Martha Josie and it is wonderful. I will not need to buy a saddle at this time. So I need to know how much I owe you for the pads. I also wanted to thank you again for all your kindness.
on Thursday, August 20, 2009
I just wanted to thank you again for helping us out!!! Within just a few rides using the swayback pad I can see a tremendous change in attitude. Her shoulder is free and her lope departures are smooth and fluid again. Looking forward to the fall trail season on a horse that is not hurting!!! I will highly recommend your pads to everyone!!!! Laura
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