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on Tuesday, January 3, 2012
I was excited to receive my new Cashel saddle bags for Christmas to replace my Weaver saddle bags. The Weaver saddle bags didn't last a whole riding season, during a 3 hour ride they started to rip at the seam from the weight of a sandwich, chips, (2 or 3) 16 oz. water bottles, by the end of our ride, one of the bags was literally hanging by a few threads. During my first ride with my new Cashel bags I discovered their durability, when a 4" limb sticking out over a already narrow trail and caught the saddle bag, when my horse felt that pressure he immediately pushed harder, I heard the sound of the limb tearing across the saddle bag and the buckle snap and I thought my Weaver bags were never even rubbed against a tree, much less jabbed by a limb with the force of a horse and they ripped; I just knew my brand new saddle bag was ruined, but amazingly the only damage was the buckle, the material didn't even rip - I was impressed! I spoke to Tony at Cashel to see about purchasing a replacement buckle, he told me he could either send me a replacement buckle (no charge) or I could actually return my bags for repair, the cost? Postage only - wow!! Thank you Cashel and Tony!! p.s. I now have a folding hand saw in my saddle bag - just in case ;-)
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