on Thursday, March 16, 2017
15inch Wide Cashel Trail Saddle. I am loving this saddle more and more everyday. It is very versatile, and fits many of my broad backed horses. I would not recommend it for a horse with alot of curve but for the broad flatter/ gently curved back it fits very well. I have used this on a quarter horse, Missouri Fox Trotter, and a Bashkir Curly pony. It is great a training saddle because it is so versatile. The wide is much wider than most "wide" labeled horses. I would imagine the standard is also pretty wide, allowing for a lot of shoulder movement. It is a light weight, durable saddle. I changed out the synthetic latigo, and oiled and turned the fenders. It works semi well for a mildly down hill built horse, but too much down hill and I don't think it would be a good saddle choice. I am impressed with the quality and comfort of this saddle. Seat size felt like it ran maybe a half inch small, I would go larger next time. I am planning to buy another of these in the future.
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