on Thursday, July 12, 2018
received new belly sheet. had older style which I loved love the more substantial straps.however the new wider netting of body does not protect as well as the finer softer fabric of the old style. might have 2 sew new straps 2 old sheet. otherwise works very well
on Monday, May 21, 2018
I was so excited to see a product that would help my horse with biting flies on his belly. I have been battling with this for 2+ years now. After 45 minutes of struggling to get this fitted properly, I was happy with the way it fit. My horse was already more comfortable. I then placed his regular fly sheet on the horse that overlapped this belly guard. It looked great. this was in the morning late that night I checked to see if he was still comfortable, and he was. Low and behold the next morning I awoke to find all the straps wrapped around his rear legs. Thankfully my horse is smart enough not to struggle, so he was not hurt. I gave it another try and re fitted him and tightened all of the straps. I lasted all day and when I returned in the morning, the very same thing happened. I thought this was a great Idea but the lightweight design and the flexibility of the straps made it far to easy for the horse to pull and snag it. I bought this through AMAZON and they will only refund 50% because it was uses so I had to eat it. This idea would work great if it was integrated into a full fly sheet that was made of a thicker or more substantial material. I had High Hopes But I was REALLY Disappointed. I would give this NO STARS if you would let me.
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