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Cashel feed rite bag eliminates feed waste due to sloppy eating, bullying, and head tossing. During feed time, it stops the fighting ... READ MORE



on Tuesday, August 29, 2017
I bought one of these a few years ago because my horse likes to sling his feed and supplements. Got this and problem solved. Then another horse joined the herd. She likes to paw at her food bowl/bucket - toss it - you know the drill. Her owner got two other plain canvas type feed bags that died pretty quick deaths. Finally she got this one and it is holding up just fine! I love these because I know everyone gets their own food and any supplements in the amounts right for them. No one can run anyone off feed. Nice! The elastic allows me to put more feed in for my friend's horse and keeps it snug enough that she doesn't paw at it or sling it (like she did with the canvas bags - destroying them) . Thanks for a great improvement on the ol' feed bag! If you need a feed bag - save the money and just get this one the first time. Oh - and they hose off well too - so they don't get all nasty like the canvas ones. "Horse" size fits my Paso Fino fine - and my friend's Paint. Thanks Cashel!
on Friday, July 6, 2012
I just found this awesome tool a few short months ago. I now use it to feed my horses every single day. They get ALL their minerals, supplements and do not loose a SINGLE drop of it. They go crazy when they see me coming with bags and even when I don't have the bags, they are so eager to be caught to ride. Really really great little tool that I will never again be without! Thanks for making the feedrite bag.
on Wednesday, July 15, 2009
i would like to thank cashel for making my life a little easier. recently, my horse was diagnosed again with EPM, and we are in the process of a very expensive treatment and extending it for another four weeks. i started out using the tube to administer the paste, but it was hard to handle, and i ended up dropping it and wasting day's worth of paste. after contacting the manufacturer, i was told that i could mix it with his feed. that worked better , but he was dropping some as he would turn to check out the scenery or a sound. i stood next to him with a spatula and would scoop up the medicated feed and throw it back into his tub every day in our texas heat. when your catalogue arrived, i thought of the feed rite bag and promptly ordered one. wow, the vinyl-coated mesh fabric is so fine that it does not even allow the tiniest bit of feed to escape, and the solid back does not allow even moist feed to leak out when he tilts his head up. he licks the bottom clean, and every medicated pellet is consumed. we have three more weeks of treatment. i only wish i would have thought of ordering your feed rite bag from the get-go. sincerely, yvonne
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