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    Durable mesh leg wraps elim ... READ MORE


    on Thursday, July 2, 2009
    I should add that I have a pair of those Cashel mesh boots that I use on my Donkey every day and they are WODNERFUL! He had a horrible problem with biting flies annoying him and tearing up his lower legs and these boots have solved that completely! I could be a spokesperson for them! I've told ever ... READ MORE

    on Tuesday, January 1, 2008
    I purchased a set of four leg guards for my Morgan a few years back. They worked wonderfully keeping the flies off, and vastly decreased the times he stomped. I gave a pair to his new owner when I sold him, and now have just recently purchased a two year old filly. Said filly managed to somehow get ... READ MORE

    Durable mesh leg wraps eliminate sun sensitivity and prevent flies from biting your horse’s lower legs. Helps reduce annoying stomping and insect-induced stress. The unique design inhibits sagging and shifting. Soft nylon trim adds comfort while eliminating burr and grass seed collection. Hook-and-loop closures provide an adjustable fit, adapting to your horse’s conformation. Set of two.

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